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We combine our knowledge in marketing and finance, to capture the attention of different investors who participate in the crowdfunding rounds of our clients.  

The capital raised is used to achieve its expansion goals, such as new branches, land for construction and even planting. 

We take what is necessary from the digital ecosystem
and transform it into:

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digital strategy

Do you know the digital footprint of your potential investors?

Every day information is stored about what you consume, the pages you visit, the publications you react to and above all, about the brands in which you are interested in investing your capital, our mission is to transform it into strategies that turn your brand into option number 1. 

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Investment scenarios

What will I gain by investing with you?

9 out of 10 investors are going to ask this before inquiring on your website, so integrating an investment simulator allows you to answer this and other questions automatically, generating different scenarios and visualizing all the possibilities when investing with you. 

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Technological solutions

Do your potential investors request information and receive it instantly?

With the right tools the answer will always be yes, they also allow you to maintain constant communication to raise their interest in your business, share information between the departments involved, identify opportunities and make decisions that help close the investment processes. 

Great ideas need to be seen!

Would you like to expand your brand? At Evanus we have the necessary tools for your brand to grow in the best way, hand in hand with experts.

We make your vision a reality.

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Cases of 




Second world producer of avocado

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